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About Vinetrekker

Vinetrekker offers a selection of private single day and overnight (from Melbourne) wine tours in discreet, comfortable vehicles. A Vinetrekker journey is a leisurely paced, well-rounded exploration of the region we visit, with fine wine, fine food and other attractions that will complement your day. We can give you flexibility and variety, and can tailor an itinerary and package to suit the experience you are looking for.

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Where We Travel

Our day trips include those to the Yarra Valley, to the north-east of Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula to the south-east, and the Macedon Ranges to the north. Overnight trips incorporating a winery tour and other attractions can be taken to the Grampians and Pyrenees in western Victoria, as can trips to the emerging King Valley in north-eastern Victoria and the historic Rutherglen region close to the New South Wales border.

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What Makes Us Different

Vinetrekker is the specialist Melbourne wine touring division of Link Tours, an experienced tour operator with over 30 years of satisfied clients. And our long-standing and warm relationships with wineries across Victoria ensure that you’ll be welcome and enjoy the finest vineyard tours wherever we go.

We don’t have set itineraries, as each Vinetrekker experience is designed and planned just for you. Most of our trips are with small groups, and we are very happy to work with couples and larger groups, too. Wherever you travel with Vinetrekker, we promise you a tour to remember!




Wine Tours From Melbourne To The Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula,  Macedon Ranges, Grampians and Pyrenees, King Valley and Rutherglen.